Our goals are focused on Business Attraction and Business Retention.

We work with new and first-time entrepreneurs to find a retail space. Through our “RETAIL SHOWCASE”, we work to improve Port Richmond Avenue’s retail mix to better serve the neighborhood.

We work with existing businesses and act as a liaison between them and city agencies. We work to provide or secure assistance that can address a variety of financial, legal and marketing needs.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive marketing of the Discover Port Richmond Website, Facebook Page, BlogPinterest and Twitter accounts.
  • Connect merchants to local events to help boost foot traffic to Port Richmond Avenue.
  • Disseminate infomation on relevant new or changing policies on issues affecting small businesses.
  • Disperse local area small business loan fund.
  • Host Board of Trade meetings.

We strongly encourage Port Richmond Avenue businesses to contact us for a range of assistance that may be available to them.


Currently, we are awarding NY Main Street Program. For more information please contact:

Contact: Kathleen Sforza
Telephone: 718-442-7351 ext 225
Email: northfieldldc.kathleensforza@gmail.com
Website: northfieldldc.org




Funded by the New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation, the NY Main Street Program aims to provide 50% matching eligible reimbursement funds to participating property owners for façade restorations and building renovation projects within the Main Street Program target areas on Port Richmond Avenue.

Joan Catalano, Executive Director, is enthusiastic about the benefits of encouraging investment in the community. She explains, “We are happy to bring this resource to Port Richmond. These funds will encourage much needed investment in deteriorated buildings along Port Richmond Avenue and will provide affordable housing units as well.” This program aims to help revitalize buildings and create or restore affordable residential units above the retail spaces. We are seeking buildings that have experienced sustained physical deterioration, decay, neglect, or disinvestment and have a number of substandard or vacant residential or commercial units. The properties need to be located in a concentrated area of Port Richmond Avenue from Ann Street to Harrison Avenue. Deadline to apply for this grant is July 15, 2016. For an application and more information on the program, please contact Kathleen Sforza, Economic and Community Development Coordinator at Northfield Community LDC at 718-442-7351 ext 225 or email her at northfieldldc.kathleensforza@gmail.com.


Please visit, www.northfieldldc.org, for full program guidelines and eligibility criteria. The program is funded by the NYS Housing Trust Fund Corporation, administered by the NYS Homes and Community Renewal, and the Office of Community Renewal.


Northfield Community LDC’s offices are located at 160 Heberton Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10302.


Here is a link to NY Main Street Program Guidelines:

Project Funders
• Housing Trust Fund Corporation (HTFC): http://www.nyshcr.org/Agencies/HTFC/
• New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR): http://www.nyshcr.org/

• New York Landmarks Conservancy’s Historic Properties Fund: http://www.nylandmarks.org/programs_services/loans/historic_properties_fund/
• New York State Historic Preservation Office: http://nysparks.com/shpo/






Below are a few other resources that may be of interest to the small business community:


Information on Permits and Licenses and Business Planning:

NYC Department of Small Business Services

New York City Business Express

NYC Business Solutions Center

New Business Acceleration Team (NBAT)

NYC Health Insurance Link


Specifically for Existing Businesses:

New Business Acceleration Team (NBAT)

Staten Island Chamber of Commerce


Government Resources:

United States Census Bureau

U.S. Economic Development Administration

New York City Economic Development Corporation